Stand alone Python for Windows

This is a stand alone version of Python 2.5.2 for Windows. It includes all of the extension modules that are included with the official release. It does not use the registry and can be installed in any directory. To distribute your Python application:

  1. Make a module with a main() function.
  2. Put your Python sources in "App" directory.
  3. Rename the launch.exe and launch_c.exe executables to something nice. Optionally delete python.exe.
  4. Delete "src" directory.
  5. Optionally delete modules and DLLs you don't need (be careful).

The source code for the launchers is in src. Note that launch.exe is a Win32 application and cannot run applications that need the console. Use launch_c.exe for debugging or if you need the console.

Current package for Python 2.5.2 []
Older package for Python 2.4 []

Updated: 2008-07-18
Neil Schemenauer <>